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A List to Start.

 It's random.
Random thoughts, wants, needs. 
Random facts about me.

I want love.
I miss it.
I love the way my shorts sag off my frame right now.
They're a size zero.
My name is A B C.
Got it?
Not "Ayyyyyyy BC!"
I'm a little skinny white girl.
I smile.
Too often.
I laugh.
More than anyone else I know.
I don't know when I'll find that someone. 
Hopefully she is better than I am.
Can deal with my moods.
Can deal with the fact that I'm a cry baby.
Can deal with the past I've created.
I'm straight edge.
My ex was a drug addict.
She still loves me.
I can't say I love her. 
I'm 17.
I want to be Seventeen Forever.
Thank you for that song Metro Station.
Lady Gaga is the motherfucking shit. 
I think this might be cut off before I'm done. 
I love black.
It's a beautiful color on people.
I don't wear it though.
I don't want anymore trouble.
My family's status is more important to my parents than I am.
I hate money.
I love photography.
I love a night at home rather than a party.
When I love, I give it all I've got.
I'm one of the most loving, forgiving people you will ever meet.
Cheated on four times in last relationship.
I know.
I should have left after the first time with an old bff.
Then with an ex.
Then with a guy.
The for two months with another girl.
Not loving.
I hate chick flicks.
I love D.E.B.S.
It's stupid but sweet.
Japan was the most amazing place I have ever been to.
I want to live there.
I want someone who would want to go with me.
I want someone to hold me.
I want those sweet hugs.
I want phone calls late at night until the early morning.
I want too much.
I need patience.
I need a healed heart.
But I don't care.
Break it before it's healed.
That way I won't have to start completely over.



"I smile.
Too Often."

No such thing, smile away sunshine!

I will. :)

October 2009

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